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mylar heads
« on: October 02, 2018, 04:21:40 PM »
Hey guys, just thought I'd share.. so I switched out the DM10X mylar heads for mesh in the first month of owning my kit.. hated them on the pads.. tossed them in a bin and forgot about them for years.

I just inherited an acoustic kit, a Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage, it has Remo Black Suede heads.. look like paper but strong and really nice sound.. but the 10" was ripped so I dug out one of my mylars and popped it on.. wow, it sounds pretty darned good and boucy as an acoustic head so doesn't do in my wrists like they did on the electronic set. I'm pretty impressed.. I even put the 12" on for fun. I'll probably go get a replacement Suede for the 10 and go back to all Remo but in a pinch these mylars are actually decent to have around..

just thought I'd share.. sorry if I already posted a pic but adding anyways :)
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