Author Topic: A Rare Sight (My Two Alesis Kits)  (Read 1221 times)

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A Rare Sight (My Two Alesis Kits)
« on: September 25, 2018, 10:08:01 AM »
Here's a rare sight of my two Alesis kits occupying the same space.  I brought my DM10 kit home at the end of August to do yearly maintenance.  We always take September off, so it's a perfect time to rework the kit a bit.  I keep my Strike kit at home, and only pack it up to take to gigs. 

I had been transporting the Strike module between the two kits every week for practice, but I think I've gotten them matched up pretty well, so I can just leave the Strike at home unless I need to work out kits for a new song or we're recording.

The DM10 goes back to the practice space tonight so we can start gearing up for the rest of our 2018 shows!


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Re: A Rare Sight (My Two Alesis Kits)
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Wow, that's a room us drummers can be envious of! Well done, Shawn!
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Re: A Rare Sight (My Two Alesis Kits)
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Thank you, sir! :)