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acoustic set addition
« on: September 21, 2018, 12:05:02 PM »
Hey y'all, just felt like sharing.. a friend lucked into a used Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage at the local music shop and had no place to store it, and since he comes by to jam a couple times a month.. it's now mine to use for the time being!

Had to push my Alesis set off to one corner, and squeeze this in the "cave".. but still have enough room across from it all for a couple guys with their guitars.

Adding a pic.. I need to get another cymbal and stand.. or more.. I had bought some Wuhan's many years ago to use on a friend's set since he had crap and I couldn't afford anything really nice and expensive plus always playing in small rooms so needed quieter crashes etc... got Wuhan: hihats, 8&10" splash, 14&16" crashes, an 18" china (not shown), and a Meinl Custom ride (again, rather have a Paiste 2002 but just can't afford it yet, the Meinl was used but almost new and only about 130 bucks so went with it till I'm rich).

This set came with Remo Ambassador Black Suede heads.. I'd never seen them. They look like paper but they're really resilient and have great bounce and nice tight attack with just enough decay for my tiny music room. One of the toms was ripped, and I had all my 8s, 10s and 12s of the Alesis mylar heads from my DM10X, so put a 10 on the first upper tom right away and actually they sound and feel pretty darned good for a stock "Alesis" head when used on an acoustic set. I've even put the 12" on the other tom. Unfortunately this used kit came with a 14" floor tom but it doesn't have legs, it's on a mount on a cymbal stand.. no 16". I wonder if it was originally sold as 10, 12 and 14 upper toms across the top and a 16" floor and the guy didn't bring in the floor tom, or sold it separately.

Still lots of fun, haven't really gone at it much yet as I just finished positioning it all last night and am in a townhouse.. but tomorrow.. screw the neighbours! lol
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Re: acoustic set addition
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What a beautiful set.