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HIHAT Compare VH10 to ATV
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From Drumlab users Review not biased.

I wanted to make this comparison to help others find the right hi-hat from Roland and ATV. The ATV hats are the best all things considered, but there are areas where Roland is better. Roland cymbals trigger better overall when taking into account the edge switch on ATV pad is harder to trigger. You have to strike pad at a very shallow angle and also with more force in order to trigger edge. If you are a little off, then a bow sound will occur. If you strike with medium to hard force then your more likely to not have as much of an issue. Roland requires less force to trigger the edge and also has a much larger range of striking angles so reliable triggering is slightly better (only on edge).If you use larger/heavier sticks then ATV triggering is not as much of a problem. I use 7A and 5A and when I want to be more quiet and use the 7A sticks and play softly, it is harder to trigger ATV edge compared to Roland. The ATV pad has a better feel overall and is thinner and has a very slight flex to it when being stuck compared to Roland where it is noticeably harder (more like a thicker acoustic hat). It uses softer silicon and has slightly less rebound than Roland (still good rebound however). The ATV and VH-13 are equally as smooth with open and close transitions and they are better in this regard compared to VH-10/VH-11. If you dont do much intricate hi hat playing, then this is not really noticeable. VH-13 and ATV hats are fairly loud compared to VH-10/VH-11, but with ATV hats you can just use top pad and it plays just fine. ATV hats use optical sensor and requires no moving internal parts (less sound). Just some things to consider. Hope this helps


Performance- 8/10
Loudness- 8.5/10
Playing feel- 8/10
Looks/size- 7/10
Affordability- 8/10


Performance- 7.9/10
Loudness- 8.0/10
Playing feel- 7.8/10
Looks/size- 7/10
Affordability- 7/10


Performance- 9/10
Loudness- 6/10
Playing feel- 8.5/10
Looks/size- 7.5/10
Affordability- 4/10

ATV aD-H14:

Performance- 8.5/10
Loudness- 5.5/10......8/10 if using only top cymbal
Playing feel- 9/10
Looks/size- 9/10
Affordability- 6/10

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