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Wireless headphones
« on: October 22, 2018, 01:17:03 PM »
I have an Alesis Command kit that I bought a few months ago and I am loving it. But I hate wearing wired headphones. I live in an RV in an RV park so I don't want to play through my amplifier. My computer is plugged directly into the Command module input jack and the headphones are plugged into the Command module headphone jack. I bought a Bluetooth transmitter and plugged it into the Command module.

Actually this is the second transmitter I bought. I have tried three different pairs of headphones and every one has the same problem. The lag is unacceptable. Hit the drum and the sound happens about a quarter of a second later. I asked about this problem on another forum and I was told I needed to get a transmitter and pair of headphones that have aptX low latency built in. The first transmitter I tried did not have aptX so I returned it and got one that did have aptX built in. Two of the headphones had aptX built in and neither one solved the lag problem.

So has anyone figured out how to get a wireless headphone that has no lag?

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Re: Wireless headphones
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I've tried wireless infrared and bluetooth, both had unacceptable latency so I'm back to wired for now. I've heard newer bluetooth phones are getting better but I'm sure it will still lag even that nanosecond, and seems enough to drive a drummer crazy
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