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Hi Everyone!

Just only had my new ALESIS DM10 MkII Pro Kit for a couple of weeks now and really like the look and feel. After years of upgrading and converting acoustic and electronic drums as my hobby, I probably will keep this one for some time.
This is the first time with an Alesis kit and considering what I've had to pay for Roland modules, mesh drums and racks etc, this is by far one of the greatest values for your money one could hope for. And buying brand new!

I'm not too sure what has happened with Roland's recent releases, but the retail price here in Canada for what you get is outrages. I do realize there are those who swear by the Roland brand but have you ever taken a close look at the newer TD-25 module? Honestly it looks like a toy. Every music store here that has one setup you'll notice all the knobs are missing. And sure it has that Roland sound, but is it that great? I mean I find no matter what headphones I use, the sounds are ear piercing! Now that just might be me, but for the price I don't think so?
Compared to the look and build of the Alesis DM10 MKII PRO Module or the new STRIKE PERFORMANCE DRUM Module, I would have to say Alesis did a good job in making these units look really Pro like, don't you think?
And those larger black mesh pads on the ALESIS DM10 MkII Pro Kit Premium 10-Piece that I just purchased for about CDN$1,799.00? There's no way you can beat the price, or playability of the new mesh pads. For my needs in my office/studio...50% quieter than Roland's mesh. And Roland's KD-9 Mesh Pads cannot touch Alesis's 8" Mesh Kick Pad for a much softer sound.

First of all, not that I'm not happy with the DM10 MKII Pro Module, but I already have ordered the STRIKE PERFORMANCE DRUM Module to just get the best sound possible with the MKll Pro's mesh pads which I really like the look and feel of. And as far as the drum rack goes...its the best looking rack I've ever owned. It's very solid and the chrome pipes and drum clamps are top of the line for me.

Secondly, I'm going to replace the 8" Mesh Kick Pad with a 22" acoustic bass drum. I've always felt from the very beginning that the only thing electronic drums were lacking in was the rather small looking mesh kick pad sitting hopelessly on the floor between two pipes 24" apart. Small mesh toms is one thing, but such a small kick should never of been designed in the first place. It is not even proportionate to the rest of the kit.
I'm going to make life a lot easier on myself by simply adding Roland's new generation RT-10K kick drum trigger to the 22" bass drum I end up getting. With my last conversion as you see below, I built all my own triggers including the one inside the 22" Pearl bass drum. You'll note that in the specs below I refer to the 22" Pearl bass drum as 'custom'. This was because I actually did cut down the depth of the drum about 8" I think, to keep it from protruding too much into the room where I have limited space. Of course this had no bearing on the sound, and it sill looked very solid and filled the gap between the pipes really nice!

Please find attached some pics of my last conversion where I replaced Roland's KD-9 Mesh Kick with a 22" Pearl Custom Bass w/Pintech Mesh in the MSD-9 Drum Rack. This should give you a good idea of what the  ALESIS DM10 MkII Pro Kit will look like once I'm done the conversion.
Also I've attached the specs for this kit.

Hope this was informative.

Custom Electronic Drums Pearl/Roland/Pintech
5pc Setup:
1-Roland MSD-9 Custom Drum Rack
1-Roland TD-9 Percussion Sound Module
1-22" Pearl Custom Bass w/Pintech Mesh
1-12" Pearl Custom Snare w/Pintech Mesh
2-13" Pearl Custom Toms w/Pintech Mesh
1-10" Roland PD-105 Tom
1-8" Roland PDX-8 Aux/Tom
1-Pintech 10 Hat Cymbal
1-Pintech 18" Ride Cymbal
1-Tama Speed Cobra 310 pedal
1-Roland FD-7 Controller Pedal
1-Network Drum Throne

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ALESIS Pro Kit w/upgraded Strike Performance Drum Module.
NO cymbals for precise quiet playability [2-Roland PDX-6", 1-Roland PDX-8"mesh pads as HiHat, Crash, Ride]. AKG K52 Closed-back headphones.

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Re: Future upgrade to my new ALESIS DM10 MkII Pro Kit. Here's how!
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Sounds like it's going to be an amazing kit once it's completely finished.  I really like what you've done with it so far!


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Re: Future upgrade to my new ALESIS DM10 MkII Pro Kit. Here's how!
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I've decided that his will be my final conversion.
That is funny. You must be very young. You do not understand that technology always moves forward. In 20 years this set could be as out dated as a VHS tape. This is why never invest a lot of money in any technology. It will always be replaced by something mind blowing and better.