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Alesis Surge with Garage Band on iPad
« on: August 03, 2018, 11:02:16 AM »
Ok so I'm obviously a noob so go easy on me. I'm picking up an Alesis Surge kit tomorrow but have heard that the module does not have very good sounds. I've read that I can hook up to my laptop via USB for something like EZdrummer in order to use the kit as triggers for way better sounds with that software.

Is this something that can be done via Garage Band on an iPad as well? Basically, can I hook up the e-kit to the ipad and have the actual drum sounds from the garage band kit be mapped to by triggers?


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Re: Alesis Surge with Garage Band on iPad
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Hi Allen, no expert here but I had an iMac for a few weeks and I think I was able to see my kit in Garage Band when I connected it with the midi cable. I use a PC and have Addictive Drummer and its night and day, although there's the extra time to boot up and run the software etc, but I almost never go back to just the module. I have the DM10 so not sure if the Surge has similar or worse kits. I've spent hours on the module tweaking kits or creating my own and had some success, but overall nothing beats a VST in my opinion. Maybe someday if I can afford the Strike kit I may be able to enjoy the module alone.
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Re: Alesis Surge with Garage Band on iPad
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Thanks Alan.

I think I am going to end up getting Addictive Drummer or EZdrummer but I FINALLY found a video on how to do the same thing with Garage Band on an iPad although it's not even close to as intuitive as the other VSTs.