Author Topic: Giving My Gen16 Hi-Hat Another Try...  (Read 1374 times)

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Giving My Gen16 Hi-Hat Another Try...
« on: July 30, 2018, 09:23:14 AM »
After fighting the Strike hi-hat, even with the v1.4 upgrade, and after trying the GoEdrum controller and still not being 100% happy, I decided to break out my Gen16 hats for our gig over the weekend. 

I used the hats plus the crash and ride with my DM10 kit at a gig back in February, shortly after buying the set.  I wasn't terribly happy with the crash and ride, as they sounded really thin to me live.  Listening back to our videos and soundboard audio, they just overpowered everything.  I really don't think I spent enough time dialing in sounds to get the balance worked out, though. 

The hi-hat was the least offensive of the bunch that day, so I decided to set it up with my Strike last week and work with it a little to get it balanced out.  I had a near perfect sound through my headset, so I deemed it gig-ready.

During the show, it was, of course, a bit louder to me since I was sitting right there.  The rest of the band said it sounded good to them, and I polled a few people out in the crowd between sets, and they seemed impressed as well.  We recorded video and a good soundboard audio again this time, so that will be the determining factor in whether or not I keep it on.

I'm downloading the video files now, and the audio should be up and ready in the next day or so.  I'll post some clips once I get it sorted through.

I thought maybe this would be at least another alternative hi-hat solution.  The set was kinda pricey, and there is the extra module and everything to set up, but the performance is, obviously, the same as an acoustic hi-hat.  Going off of the setup at home, I'm optimistic that it'll sound good on the recordings. 

Just wanted to share this for anyone that's still pulling their hair out over a frustrating hi-hat situation.  I don't have much left, so I need to avoid pulling mine out as much as possible!   ;D