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DM10 midi with SamplePad Pro
« on: June 25, 2018, 12:48:07 AM »
My Singer (also guitarist, studio/sound production owner) bought a SamplePad Pro to have around the studio.

The week his daughter was getting married (so he had to clean out the big main studio space we practice in), he asked if I could just use that for our practice - and I agreed. What a great little box-o-pads!

After the successful practice, he asked if I wanted to take it home to play with for a while. Later, I asked if I could try adding it to my set for the next gig - he let me.

Cool thing! I spent a few sleepless nights redoing my entire kit layout to try and get this thing where it would be most useful. I must say, even though it has to be turned at an angle, it makes for a great six (plus two) trigger snare! But that minimized its use too much.

Anyway, when I tried midi out to the DM10, I followed the DM10 instructions and turned Off local in the global midi settings. From there I couldn't get the midi to trigger. Turning it back on did the trick. I just needed to turn off the internal sound for that pad of the SamplePad Pro, and assign the midi note I wanted to play. Works really fricken nice!

Played two gigs so far with this setup, and I just love it!

Since it's nice to have the ability to trigger a multitude of sounds - even those that might not be needed that often, one of these things on each side of the kit would be great!

One thing to note:
When changing kits on the SamplePad Pro, it takes a goodly amount of time. I'd never risk doing that during a song - possibly not even between songs.

Changing kits on the DM10 (I have the last run of the older, original DM10 module), on the other hand, is instantaneous. So instead of changing midi notes on the SamplePad pro for different uses, I simply make a new kit on my DM10 and assign different sounds to those midi notes I'm using - just like I would changing sounds on the kit's pads.

The older DM10 module I have has car tires screeching, car crash, whistles, bass, guitar, keys, all manner of cool sounds.

I made four "kits" that I use throughout the night and I find myself enjoying reaching over and switching kits on the fly, mid-song! it's a real blast!

Re: DM10 midi with SamplePad Pro
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I forgot to mention:

For gigging live with the SamplePad Pro, my original intention was to send the Mono Out from the SPP separately, but told the sound guy that, when practicing, I just took the Mono Out from the SPP to the Aux In of the DM10. He said: Let's just try that first. It works like a charm!

That's when I found out that there's no way to change the output level of the Aux on the DM10(?). Weird! No biggie though. It worked just fine!
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