Author Topic: Alesis DM 10 MKII Pro and Trigger IO  (Read 416 times)


Alesis DM 10 MKII Pro and Trigger IO
« on: June 16, 2018, 07:06:29 PM »
Hello fellow AlesisDrummers,

Since a couple of weeks i'm the proud owner of a DM10 MkII Pro kit and i'm very happy with it.
Still exploring the capabilities of the set i have already a question about the setup i use, because I've the set linked with a Trigger IO to have the extra Cymbal Pads working as well.
But...the sounds that are triggered with the Trigger IO are NOT as loud as the standard sounds (triggers) from the MkII Pro module.
I can edit the volume settings from the module, but i want to know how this is possible?
Second question is simple; how many samples can the module handle? i constantly get the message that the number of files from the USB is exceeding the limit.