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Addictive Drums 2 + DM 10 cymbal choke settings
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I am using one of the many presets that come with Addictive Drums 2.  I am using a MIDI cable to go out from my DM10 and into my Komplete Audio 6's MIDI port in.  When I tap the question mark in the upper right of Addictive Drums, I head to mapping.  I do not understand how the cymbals are supposed to work comparatively to how they work with the DM10's built in library. Specifically the cymbals..  It seems like the crash symbols only have two options (normal hit and choke).  Choke also seems to be a stroke.... Like if I hit the cymbal in the splash area, to mute it I need to hit the cymbal in the choke area.  This is not realistic and I'm hoping not the way this was meant to function.  From what I can tell from the built in library, there are three functions of the crash cymbal: a drum stick tip to the center of the cymbal, a drum stick shaft hit, and a means to grab the cymbal when you want to choke it.  I do not see with the given two options how this is possible.  Is there a special way to MIDI learn the choke setting?  because I try to grab hard where I choke it and it doesn't "learn" until I get too aggressive and activate another trigger on the cymbal.... 

That's just my findings so far.  A couple things I might be doing wrong... 1------- Should I be connecting the module straight to my computer via USB?  Does this add any added value or functionality that I am missing?  2------- I heard or saw in other threads I tried to use that you need to make sure your cymbals are set to 3 hit capable rather than 2.  Is this something I can adjust in Addictive Drums?  Hoping so.... Here's a pic of what I'm working with...  Thanks as always!

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