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Hello, interested in buying Alexix Command/Forge
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I am from Ecuador and I am going to visit NYC next July/18.  I would like to buy a electronic drum kit, I am trying to decide between forge and command mesh., as this last one cost the double.   I am attracted by the mesh thing in the snare and toms from the command, but the main thing I would like is all the sounds from the module, special effects, both of them has it, but I dont like very much the rubber, it seems rubber will last less than the mesh,... what do you think
I would like the command... but I dont know if the extra $400 worth it....
Pls help me with your comments...

thanks in advance,

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Re: Hello, interested in buying Alexix Command/Forge
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I definitely prefer the mesh, but if you can get used to playing on it, the rubber is very durable.  At least, with a Roland kit, it's durable.  I haven't owned any Alesis rubber pads.  I have a Roland kit that was bought in 2008, and the rubber pads (and mesh snare) are still in perfect working order.  Scuffed a bit from sticks, but no signs of stopping. 

I even have a couple of pads from my previous Roland kit.  I purchased that one in 2001!  They are in equally good condition.

Incidentally, I bought 3 Yamaha pads back in 2015 to expand my Roland kit.  They seem to be of the same quality as the Roland. 

I hope this helps at least a little!


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Re: Hello, interested in buying Alexix Command/Forge
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I just bought the Command kit and I am very satisfied. The Command has mesh snare and bass but the toms are all rubber. Same with the Command Mesh and the Command X.