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Hey everyone,

I just bought a strike pro kit (moving from my acoustics - getting older and hoping for less load in/out) and have a question regarding transportation. Normally my drums all live in cases and get put into my trailer (tetris style along with the pa/lights and other gear). I know I've read a lot of folks just "fold up the rack" - but I'm very concerned about items in the trailer shifting and bumping or falling on something. I don't usually get a lot of "shifting" in the trailer, but my luck is the first time I try it... yeah.

Anyway, I'm having a little trouble coming up with a plan that will protect the pads/module and give me peace of mind during transportation. Do any of you guys gig regularly with your kits and if so, what do you do to transport them? Do you have some DIY system or did you purchase cases? We gig (with few exceptions) every weekend.

Thanks for any and all help!


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Re: Just bought strike pro - how do you transport them to/from gigs?
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You moved from large items that require protection to smaller items that require protection. Cases (I'm partial to Anvil) will keep your investment safe. Sure you have more parts to set up and likely a more complicated process until you are comfortable with e-drums, but they are certainly more delicate than acoustic kits.

I have a DM10 MKII Pro, and I wouldn't think of just trying to fold it up for transport to a gig. Too many parts break under normal use (triggers, wires, jacks) to add in another path for failure. You don't have a portable e-drum kit. You have a top-of-the-line kit that requires more– not less– protection and care than a similarly outfitted acoustic set.

Just my .02 kopecks.
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Re: Just bought strike pro - how do you transport them to/from gigs?
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I suggest you spend a little more and replace the plastic connectors on the rack with Gibraltar tube connectors, then the rack can be torn down and reassembled quick and easy. I have the chrome but they come in black if preferred.You can leave the Tom mounts and cable snake on the cross tubes as well. Just remove toms,cymbals, module and booms then put rack parts, hihat stand and cymbals booms in a hardware box. As for the pads, I use thin mattress foam like Walmart carries and created partitions between the pads and for flooring in another box, placing the pads upwright on their sides not flat or stacked.Bass drum is layed flat on foam, with cymbals flat on top of bass drum with foam in between them. Pelican camera case for the module. My bass drum double pedal came with its own case. You can make the boxes out of thin 1/8” plywood and 1x2’s for a LOT cheaper than buying cases and make them to fit your gear exactly. Caster wheels at one end and rope handle on the other works well. Piano hinge the lid and foot locker type latch with pad lock to keep it closed. Just build a frame with the 1x2’s and cut the plywood to match. Use Liquids nails and screws to assemble. Line it with the foam and cut partition pieces. No worries.
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Re: Just bought strike pro - how do you transport them to/from gigs?
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Thanks for the responses. I think I will get (or make) some crates and line them with foam to put them in.