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AD2 getting tired?
« on: May 08, 2018, 12:24:54 AM »
So, it seems when I play my setup, after a while the tone, responsiveness and general mix sounds just awful. Really muddy and muted. Like I have ear plugs in. At first I thought my ears were just getting overwhelmed and making it clear that I needed to take a break. I don't play at 11-level volume, and even after time away, it still sounded like crap. Then I thought, "okay, perhaps the module trigger settings are wacky." I have mapped and set all the functions in AD2 midi map section, and saved for my kit setup. I've set the trigger settings in the module (DM10 MKII Pro) to match the kits I've created and saved to the AD2 user preset sections. Still nothing. Next, I tried just using the stock kits that came with my kit packs. Retro, Black Velvet, Blue Oyster, Fairfax...all had the same overriding muffled sound and/or muted distortion.

I play along to an iTunes playlist routed directly to my Behringer UMC404HD, and the module ports through that as well. It mostly works really well. But I play off and on throughout the day, and I leave things on or on standby so I can sit down and play on a whim. What does seem to work is just quitting AD2 and restarting. It immediately sounds like it did when I first set things up. It's a weird situation. I know I get tired when I play, but does a VST "time out" and just start glitching for no apparent reason? Am I just an idiot (likely)?

To reiterate: I use a Behringer UMC404HD USB interface, Macbook Air (8 gigs RAM, no latency at 256 samples), DM10 MKII Pro (I've nicknamed "The Yugo"), Beats headphones and/or Fostex monitors, and for laying down tracks I route AD2 into Reaper. But this issues happens in the standalone AD2 and as a plug-in. I occasionally adjust various kit pieces via the edit section, but even when I go back to a default kit without those adjustments, it's still poor quality. Until I restart the program. Any ideas?

Alesis DM 10 MKII Pro (with Tama Iron Cobra double). Pearl Export acoustic. Fostex VF160EX Digital multitrack (16). Fostex monitors. Roland TR-626 drum machine. Roland Juno 106 Poly synth. Aria Knight Warrior. Peavy Fury. Digitech GNX3000. Digitech RP360. Tascam Porta 05 four track. MacBook Air.

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Re: AD2 getting tired?
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Does unplugging and replugging the interface help? What about rebooting the PC? Or restarting the module?