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Kick triggering and hi-hat rotation on Strike
« on: April 19, 2018, 10:54:43 PM »
Hello! I recently purchased a Strike kit to replace an aging Roland V-SESSON set. I'm enjoying it, but I'm having two main problems I haven't been able to address that I'm hoping have fast answers.

1. The hi-hat rotates. Other cymbals have a little piece that stops them from spinning, but the hi-hat doesn't. As I play, it rotates around until it can't anymore due to the cable, which often times means it's facing the wrong way.

2. Double/triple/etc triggering on kick drum. I've loosened the drum head and it helped a trivial amount but not enough. I've tried adjusting the Sensitivity, Retrigger, and Threshold numbers, but even though they go from 0-99, they don't seem to do anything except at the 30 and 60 mark, at which time there's a drastic difference (which usually means no sound at all unless I kick the hell out of it). I can't for the life of me identify more than three actual settings for those values. Changing the curve makes a huge difference, but anything other than Linear just boosts the ghost hits so loud that it sounds like everything is double bass.

I'm not new to electronic drums by any means, but this is just giving me a hell of a time. Retrigger at less than 60 doesn't seem to do anything, and anything higher than 60 means it'll only trigger as fast as 3-4 beats per second, which also won't work.

Is this unusual? Anyone have any settings they can share?

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Re: Kick triggering and hi-hat rotation on Strike
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For your hi hat. the way to elimate the rotation is to make sure the rod that screws into your hi hat stand is fully tight and fully screwed down.  If you find that your hi hat guide rod does not stay tight after torqueing the crap out of it I would highly recommend picking up a tube of VC-3 by Vibramate.  Its a thread locker that is not permanent and can be reused. A small amount will keep your hi hat locked in and your cymbal will no longer rotate. It is also very useful for people who like loose cymbals yet don't want their toppers to rotate.    If your hi hat rod does not screw down enough or freely rotates no matter what I would buy a better stand.

As for your kick drum having double triggering I would say with 99% certainty that the foam disks stacked in your kick drum have collapsed.   You can shine a powerful light in the drum and see if it is there.  They are 6"  foam disks stacked in the center of the drum.  If it has fallen over you will see them like the leaning tower of foam.   Open your drum and put the column back. Make sure it is on a flat surface as removing the head will make the whole drum fall apart if you don't have it laying flat.   The adhesive is pressure sensitive on those disks.   You simply place them back in the center and mash them down as hard as you can they will puff back up.  This is to ensure that the adhesive wont loosen again.   

Now put your head back on and set the tension as high as you can and still feel comfortable.  The tighter head will actually help reduce the rebound and help compress that foam core.  It should not fall again and the tighter head combined with the foam being put back into place and you should be GTG.   Also try these trigger settings after you complete the fix.

SENS: 45
Xtalk RCV: 03
Xtal Send: 03
Curve: Linear (no need for exp curves.)
input type: Piezo
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Re: Kick triggering and hi-hat rotation on Strike
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2018, 07:10:53 PM »
Thanks Purpledc - I'll give both of those things a shot this evening. I loosened my kick head as far as I reasonably thought I could go assuming that it was too tight and that was causing the rebound. I don't hear or see anything rolling around in there when I move it, but totally could be accurate and I hope it's that easy. If I can't get this working I'm considering going with beaterless e-kick pedals, or at least trying them out... seems so much easier for travel than bringing a big e-kick drum with me!