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My view on the Crimson Drum Module
« on: April 18, 2018, 05:33:40 PM »

Its been a longtime since I posted on this board.... :(  My Drum module of choise is the Pearl Redbox over the DM10, I have the 2011 DM10 module. I recently purchased a Crimson Module from eBay in mint condition, I replaced my redbox with it to do expeirments. My experience with the Crimson module (NOT the Crimson II) in my opinon the voices sound much better from the voices in the DM10 and Redboxjust my opinon.

One feature I love about the Crimson is the POLY or MONO settings, since there is only two chokable cymbals Crash 1 and Crash/Ride, if you hit the Crash/Ride like a ride cymbal it sounds like a ride cymbal, if you hit the crash/ride like a crash cymbal it sounds like a Crash.

There is a optional trigger input on the back labled "TOM 4" but the operation manual states it can be used for any voice, so this input could be used for a third cymbal.

This post is my personal opinon about the Crimson Drum Module... I hopes this helps.

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