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Cymbal accidentally chokes
« on: April 14, 2018, 01:35:03 AM »
Hi there,

I'm still quite new with my Alesis DM10 kit (I assume studio converted to mesh) and I have had couple of issues that I learned to fix thanks to this forum. Now I feel that my set is quite good and it's working fine, except two things:

- Hihat retriggers time to time. If I hit certain spot of hihat, it may take it as a double. Pad itself is little broken by outside rim, but I don't know if it could cause it. Maybe I'll try to switch one crash with it. But then the harder one:
- At least one of the cymbals chokes itself in certain situations, that I cannot reproduce - it just happens. Yesterday I tried to make it happen but no luck, but I was playing just by myself. When we play as a band it happened several times and can be heard from recording as well. So some frequencies or something triggers the choke? What should I do to avoid it?

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Re: Cymbal accidentally chokes
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Happened to me too. I hit reasonably hard on my kit and sometimes when I wack a cymbal it would choke instantly.

Annoyed by this I opened the offending DM10X cymbal and disconnected the wire that ran to the choke system. Now the cymbal just crashes. I don't choke that one. :)
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