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Greetings from a SamplePad Pro x 2 new user...
« on: April 05, 2018, 09:42:55 AM »

I'm very disappointed with BOTH of my SaplePad Pro Drum Systems as the first one died before a year was out and I could not afford to be without it, so I bought a second one, and they both trigger when they want to on some pads, or I should say it does not play as expected when I strike a pad, and the first just got returned from repair and I have yet to install it, so I bought an official Alesis Boom mount that showed up yesterday, and would you believe the FUCKERS at Alesis are so fucking tight they did not include mounting screws with the boom and mounting plate!

Never again will I buy anything from Alesis..!!

1) - Could somebody tell me what the mounting screws dimensions are?  is it the standard thread or is it metric, and what size...???!!!

The worst company I have ever dealt with, as their documentation is virtually non-existent, or I would not have to ask the screw size...!!!

Who sells an $80 mounting boom and plate without mounting screws, nor did my new SamplePad Pro come with mounting screws.

They recommend a solid mounting stand to reduce the horrendous crosstalk between pads, yet they don't supply mounting screws...!!!

Who the fuck are these people and how do they stay in business with this holy swiss cheese of a business full of holes in its operations...

As soon as I can get this all running, it goes up for sale and I'm buying Roland equipment, which is what I should have done in the first place...