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Re: Updated DM10 MKll Studio Kit
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I just didn’t like the cable coming out of the bottom of the drum, but at the time it saved me running out to get the proper hardware. I also needed a 12" female to female TRS cable because mine wouldn’t reach. I since mounted a 1/4” TRSF jack in the side of the drum and added a mesh head to the bottom. Much cleaner look and my cable now reaches the drum without the extension cable. I didn’t mind drilling the hole in the drum since I will never convert it back to an acoustic drum. I picked this 14” x 14” Mapex Voyager drum off of eBay for I think $100 including shipping. He had a few listed as brand new old stock for $99 + Shipping or best offer. I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it turned out.

Re: Updated DM10 MKll Studio Kit
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You are correct on the Strike module, people are quick to dismiss it because it’s not a Roland or Pearl Mimic but even at 1/3 the price it is on the same level. The more you dig in the more you realize how much you can do. I actually was messing with the threshold setting and you can set layer 1 to 1-125 and layer 2 to 126-127 and you can actually split a zone into 2 zones, unless you play very hard where you are always triggering the 2nd layer. I use it on the small 8" pad I use for aux sounds like a cowbell... play normal I get a cowbell, give it a hard hit I can trigger something else, maybe a gong something. I am still learning all there is to it. Pretty amazing module though. Some of the sounds are jaw-dropping while others are so-so.