Author Topic: Interested on a midi utility? (Bell,bow,edge,swell&choke on one stereo input)  (Read 1343 times)

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I am making a utility for DM10 in PureData that in current pre-alpha state adds more articulations in cymbals.
Itís working , but needs a GUI interface and was thinking getting feedback from you :)
My plan is making it as simple as it gets without advanced tweaks.

As hardware restriction you need
- DM10 original module ( hoping that other modules will be supported )
- A stereo cymbal that has a piezo on the bell and choke ability
- LoopBe free virtual midi port or similar software ,
- A drum app  :P

Now the exciting part : (in one stereo trigger input)

- Emulate bell zone ( only on high velocity , adjustable split point with dynamic velocity )
- Seperate bow / edge zone ( the edge is also not fixed ,it listens to velocity )
- Swell detection per bow/edge ( work in progress )
- Choke

It works on all stereo DM10 inputs, minus the Crash :o that doesnít support edge zone .

If anyone is interested , post here and in a week Iíll start pm you .

PS. Itís freewere , maybe Iíll put a link for donations, but I donít want to share it yet in public, at least not in 100% usable state ,plus you are not allowed to share and or modify it on the net .

Puredata (needed to run the patch )

LoopBe1 ( virtual midi port )
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Really Cool!!!   8)
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