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Re: How to improve the Strike Hi-hat controller?
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one of the biggest issue with the strike was the hi hat spring was improperly tensioned.  They actually acknowledged this and have created a replacement.  You must call the customer care line (numark phone number) and request it.   The felt fix did do wonders for the hi hat but it only applied more pressure.  The new spring not only applies more pressure but the proper amount at the proper time.  Because if you rip open the strike controller its actually a pressure plate.   Its simply calculates which sound to play based on the lbs of force applied to that plate.  Adding extra pressure ensured you would get a consistent chick and closed sound. But your semi open sounds still suffered.  That is because unlike a go edrum controller that plays its semi open sounds based on the position of the plunger you need to be able to apply the right amount of pressure at the right time. So if anyone is still having HH issues, I stronger encourage you to contact alesis for the replacement.

If the Strike hi-hat controller uses a FSR sensor, here's some info about its force/resistance response, etc:
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