Author Topic: trying to use asio driver with ezdrummer 2 and play drumless tracks from youtube  (Read 593 times)

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I am using ezdrummer 2 with the asio4all driver to lower latency which is down to 2.3ms with that driver, however once i select this driver it cuts all audio from any other application such as vlc media player and browsers ect. im trying to play along to drumless songs on youtube however i cannot do it with this driver and am looking for a solution.
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I noticed the same issue.. I guess it's because ez2 is using a different sound system to the rest of the PC.

Perhaps if you has a USB interface, set that as THE sound device on your PC and use it's ASIO drivers in EZ2.

I have had ample chance to try this myself but i have never played along with YouTube videos. Only played along with Reaper and the stuff I have loaded in there (like my band's backings)

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Yeah, I had to grab the mp3 of the drumless track from youtube (google search how) and add it to another track in the DAW.
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