Author Topic: Alesis DM10 - Should I convert the kick drum to a mesh head and if so how?  (Read 1280 times)

I'm upgrading my DM10 to a 682Drums conversion with Z-ED 2 ply mesh heads. I was wondering should I buy an extra cone and put a mesh head on my bass drum or do I have to convert in a different way. Also do I need 3 ply /beater patch for the bass drum?

Thanks :)

Hi Carbon

I'm using the 682 two ply mesh head with cone on my bass drum pad without any problems. I placed the beater slightly off-center and used a strip of duct tape on the mesh head where the beater strikes the head. Also, the tension is quite loose, like a real bass drum head. A patch would be even better maybe, but this solution is working just fine for me. The patch is only necessary if you're using a felt beater by the way.
Good luck!