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Recording with a DM10 while playing along to Spotify
« on: March 25, 2017, 09:27:39 PM »
This is my first post and I know nothing about recording, I apologize in advance for my ignorance.
I really wanted to video record my playing on my DM10 while playing along to tracks on Spotify. Can this be done? If so, how would I go about it?
I'm guessing to get started I'd need some kind of recording software on my PC. Would something simple as Audacity be sufficient? What cabling might I need, if anything?

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Re: Recording with a DM10 while playing along to Spotify
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What is the sound-card you are using? ( onboard ,external....? )

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Re: Recording with a DM10 while playing along to Spotify
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Audacity will work fine. I only tried it a couple of times and I believe I used the audio outputs on back of the DM10 going into my PC (had to have a cable that did L&R phono from the module to single stereo mini jack to the mic input (or line in) of the PC.

You should be able to take your song from Spotify and play it (or save it) to a track recorded in Audacity, then record your drumming on a second track while re-playing the song. Video record your playing and I don't think Audacity does video but if you have something like Windows Moviemaker or some other cheap/free video editing software, you open your video and overlay the audio, get it to line up, and export.

I've got Ableton Live recording software, came with my mixer. I haven't had time to do much recording, but I use Addictive Drums with my DM10X kit/module so I record midi into Ableton and export it as a wav file then drop it in line with my video in Moviemaker. I'm too cheap/broke to buy a good video editor but if you can there are some amazing progs that let you overlay multiple angles and so on, do effects.. Moviemaker has  a few basic effects if you want to fade in or out or change the look of the movie. If I was to spend the 1000 bucks on Ableton Live I could upgrade to the version that lets you add video tracks which would be best, then I'd only need to use one program to make music videos.. someday...
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Re: Recording with a DM10 while playing along to Spotify
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A DAW, usb audio interface and VST software i.e. AD2 etc. are the best way to record your drums at home in my opinion. This way you can record each drum track in midi and convert to audio once it is mixed correctly. However you can use Audacity to get a basic audio recording from your DM10. You would need to connect your audio outs (main or aux) to your computer's sound card 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter to the mic input. Just make sure your sound card can handle the signal levels from the DM10 or you could blow the card. This is the minimum way and quality won't be very good. With a USB audio interface you have the option to send audio directly from the DM10 audio outs into the interface or send midi data (via USB or midi out jack if so equipped) to a  a VST instrument. An audio interface is just a fancy sound card with inputs and outputs as well as a USB connection as well as other connections types, etc.  Decent ones usually have much better sound cards and provide much higher digital sound quality (i.e..16bit vs 24bit) and 44.1, 48, 96 khz etc. There is a ton of info on the web about all this. Not familiar with spotify but i don't think audacity will support the video side of thing. Most good DAW's do support video and audio i.e Logic Pro X (mac only), Pro Tools (expensive but for pro's using Windows), Ableton Live (lite version limited but good), Reaper, Cubase and the list goes on. If you ever decide to go with a DAW, there will be a pretty good learning curve but there are plenty of tutorials on youtube for most of them. Good luck.