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Real Hi Hat Pedal problems on DM8
« on: March 29, 2014, 05:51:30 PM »
I'm new in this forum, in e-drums, in fact, in drumming.
Recently bought a used DM8 Pro to expand the little DM6 I have used for one year to learn. Pretty happy with the kit and I'm just starting with it. The only awkward thing was the "real" hi hat pedal. It wasn't consistently making the chick sound when you depressed it at the same time you hit other pads. I've read in many sites this is the weakest part of this kit. Also, read there's something coming from Alesis that should make us very happy. (Look for the Alesis Pro X hi hat). Until that, I saw many mods you can make to fix the original pedals problems, but found another very easy fix that worked for me and wanted to share.
I opened the whole pedal and found the little circuit attached to the 1/4" plug. It's quite simple. One of the components of the circuit is a plastic tape with two filaments inside that is attached to the base of the pedal. When you depress the pedal, it press a curved rubber part that then depress this tape. Depending on where the pressure is made on this tape, it will change the resistance of the signal that passes thru it.
I was hoping to find a way to expand the min and the max point, but realize this wasn't possible without changing these components. Although, I found that in my pedal, the reaction (measured by a multimeter) was taking place on the last 1/2" of the tape which is about 2". So I decided to see what happens if I put the tape further on the back. I mounted it as back as I could without it disrupting the back screw on the base. Then assemble everything back and make a new calibration to the pedal. I was very surprised with the results. Now the pedal works 100% when depressed and I didn't had to trim the calibration as before. In addition, I found it easier to control that half open sound that I didn't get before this mod.
I would prefer to have another type of hi hat like Roland's or Yamaha's that can be mounted on a real stand, but until then I'm very happy with the response I'm having now.

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Re: Real Hi Hat Pedal problems on DM8
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Hmm - I think I'll have a second go at the pedal - more travel would be nice. :)

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Re: Real Hi Hat Pedal problems on DM8
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Hmm - I think I'll have a second go at the pedal - more travel would be nice. :)

See this thread too:

Thanks for the reference!

Although, it seems to work mostly for the dead gap when the pedal is opened. I agree with evilcartman that the problem is the small amount of travel. And that, is given by the type of variable resistor you're using. In this case, the resistor tape attached at the base of the pedal. I think that that mod worked because it press the curved rubber further and make better use of the space where the resistor tape is effective. Which had the same results as replacing the tape more to the backside. But I'm guessing that mod also shortened the travel of the pedal.

I have no problem with that gap where there's no change when opening the pedal but still would love to have more travel in the range where the variable resistance is effective.

Though, it would be interesting to make both mods and see what happens.

Re: Real Hi Hat Pedal problems on DM8
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Glad I came across this.  My hihat pedal stopped working... I came across this thread.  Took 15 minutes to open it up, I moved the tape back about 1/2", cleaned it, and put it all back together.  Working again, yay!