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(With just a DM10 and a Midi Cable)
[REDbox users please note that screens may be labeled/look differently within your module]

Theory of Operation:

The DM10 actually has dual zone hi-hat sounds built in and mapped to midi notes. However, you can not adjust the edge sounds of the hi-hat because the OS does not give you access to them. A dual zone input with a compatible pad must be used in order to get this triggering set-up to work. That basically means you are not able to use the standard Hi-hat trigger input on the DM10 since it is only a mono (or single zone) input. The type of trigger that is needed is either a piezo/piezo standard trigger or a custom built piezo/switch type trigger (which can be found here: VELOCITY ON SWITCH (Rim/Edge) ZONES). Unfortunately, the DM10 will not trigger the second zone (or edge zone) of the hi-hat internally. In order to hear the hi-hat edge zone, it must be triggered externally and then routed back into the DM10. To do this without an external device, we must trick the DM10 to think it is being triggered externally with its own midi out signal. To do this you will need just one midi cable.

Set-up of the Module:

First we must set up the DM10 so it doesn’t get a midi feedback loop. First press the “UTILITY” button. You should get a screen like this:

next press the “F2” (or “MIDI”). Your screen should now look like this:

Now, set the “Drum Chan” to channel 11.  This is done because we don’t won’t to double trigger our sounds in the module. If we were to leave it at channel 10 and have a midi loop like we do, each sound would happen twice in the module. Since all but the hi-hat will be set to channel 10 we will only hear each sound once. Failure to do set this will make the module sound phased because of the sounds being triggered twice. Once by the trigger hit itself and the second by the midi input data coming back to the module.

Next, press the “F3” (or “OUT”) button, and set the “MIDI Thru” to OFF. Your screen should look like this:

At this point you can now plug in your midi cable. One end of the cable to the “Midi In” and the other end to the “Midi Out”. The DM10 will now see its own midi out signal as an external midi device.

Set-up of the Hi-Hat Trigger:

To set-up the Trigger itself, be sure to use an input on the DM10 that can handle two zones. I will use input #12 (PERC4). Press the “INST” button, then “F1” (or “INST”). Using the scroll wheel, scroll to “Prc4Hd”. Using the cursor arrow down button, cursor down to the “Instrument” section of this screen. Using the scroll wheel, select “NONE”. Be sure to do this for “Prc4Rim” as well. You screen should look something like this:

Now to set-up the hi-hat midi notes we need for the dual zone hi-hat. Press the “EXIT” if you are on the screen above. If you are at the DRUM KIT screen just press the “INST” button. Next, press the “F2” (or “MIDI”) button. Make sure “Prc4Hd” is highlighted. Change the “MIDI Chan” to channel 11. While in this screen, set the “MIDI Note” that we need for the head zone. If using the head zone for the bow of the Hi-Hat, set the the “MIDI Note” to  “046 A#1” (or just 46 for short). Now set-up “Prc4Rim” for the edge zone of the hi-hat. Like the head zone be sure set “Prc4Rim” to channel 11. Since “Prc4Rim” is the edge zone, be sure to set the “MIDI Note” to “032 G#0” (or just 32 for short). Your screens should look something like this:

Additional Notes:

As always, be sure to save after each change you make. At this point you should be set-up and ready to play your dual zone Hi-Hat trigger with variable control on both edge and bow of the trigger. You may notice that playing from bow to edge (or edge to bow) sounds a little choppy. This is do to the fact that all default hi-hats are set to a “MuteGroup”. To smooth the choppiness of the sounds, be sure to turn the hi-hat “MuteGroup” to OFF. This must be done for each kit you want to play dual zone hi-hats.

To turn “MuteGroup” off, Press the “INST” button, then “F1” (INST). Scroll to the “HiHat” (or use “NOTE CHASE” and hit the hi-hat). Press “F4” (MORE), then press “F3” (OTHR). Now, cursor down to the “MuteGroup” selection. Using the scroll wheel, change “MuteGroup” to OFF. Your screen should look like this:

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Holy cow!! This is Awesome. My mind just got blown all over my office. You are the man!! Thank you so much for this wonderful information.
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I was curious to try this idea of the DM10 midi-controlling itself, by just using midi channel 10.  With the standard Hihat pad and some of the suggested changes to the settings, it adds a slight phase shift effect to the drum sounds.
You can easily disable the midi connection by changing the 'Midi Chan' number in the Utility > Midi settings.
I like the smoother hihat open to close transition with it's MuteGroup turned off, but it has to be changed and saved in each kit.
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Just responding here to Brian J's hi-hat posts, as this Hellfire idea provides a way to simulate a dual zone hi-hat.

The midi loop-back option can also add extra 'depth' to any instrument sounds (like cymbals & toms) assigned to say Midi channel 9, with the 'clean' sounds (snare & kick) left unchanged on Midi channel 10.  Also change the 'Midi Chan' number to '9' in the Utility > Midi settings.
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Are there any piezo/piezo dual zone hi-hat (or cymbal) triggers commercially available, or is DIY the only option?

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Some Surge/Smartrigger cymbals are piezo/piezo.
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