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My VSTi woes
« on: August 18, 2009, 01:03:25 PM »
  I'll try to best describe my current problems :( Here's what I got:
Addictive drums run on windows XP in Cubase 4le. Audio card is a EMU 0404 Pci card or Alesis multimix usb2.  I've run the Emu drivers(best)Asio4all(bad, all combinations/buffer changes),Alesis drivers(can't get it to work anymore) even the motherboard soundcard.  I had it working pretty well but in changing the drivers and stuff I've messed it up.  Running the drum pattern loops, I get occasional pings and blips.  Latancy is perfect using midi in from my Spd-s, but still the blips every couple of seconds.  I'm a computer idiot and need some help.  I've tried the HDtune program but it stays in the green. I've got hours into this trying different combinations.  Any help? Please.

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Re: My VSTi woes
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Hey Marc, take a deep breath... And... Now we're gonna solve this together!
Firstly, have you changed the audio output in cubase? Uninstall Asio4all if you're not using it. It seems to me that you have a driver conflict. See if that helps and let me know! If all else fails you night have to start from scratch... Good luck.
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Re: My VSTi woes
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Audiopat, I have switched the cubase output, will try uninstalling the drivers.  Spent the evening sailing.  I'm beat.  Thought of trying a new host, but will first reinstall cubase.  Thanks.

Re: My VSTi woes
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Still no luck.  Even tried cubase le.  Beginning to think it's my audio card. 

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Re: My VSTi woes
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Hi Marc!

What's your computer specs? Processor, RAM, Harddrive rpm etc.
Have you tried increasing the buffer on your EMU card? Do you have the latest drivers?

I don't think you need to change your host, but if you would I recommend Tracktion or Reaper.
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