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Alesis dm 6 changes
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Alesis dm 6
is there a way to change cymbals to surge cymbals or to add a pad?
and for what purpose is the little switch on back of a modul of a dm 6   kick type -switch type  ,,what is that?  is there a electric one more pedal for double bass or can i use a normal one?
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Re: Alesis dm 6 changes
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I had a version of this module and I recall there was one additional cable for another pad.  i suppose this pad could be a kick, or cymbal.
I don't remember the kick switch, but I'd guess that it allows the kick to trigger from a switch or a pad.  With a pad you'll get velocity....  and could potentially have a double kick if the pad was large enough to accomdate two beaters.
As for surge, yes you can, but only single zone. 
Hope that helps.  Although, I could be wrong, as the DM6 I had was sightly different.