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New To Electric Drums
« on: January 22, 2019, 10:11:15 AM »
I just bought an Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit. My first electrics and my first kit since 1973! I sold my last kit when I was newly married and it was apparent that playing in bands was just not going to be possible anymore. I started "playing" drums when I was about 6 years old and have always considered myself nothing but a drummer. Just because you don't have a kit doesn't mean you can't play. There is always something to beat on!!
Both of my sons were drummers/percussionists in school. My oldest son, now 45, continues to play. He has always had drums/percussion equipment of all sorts. So I have always had access to a kit, bongos, congas, cajons and various other stuff. He plays semi-professionally while maintaining a "real" job. Which is what I wish I had done.
I bought a guitar in 1973 when I sold the drums. Every few year I would dig it out and fool with it. To no avail. After I retired I made a new commitment to learn to play. I bought a better guitar and started learning. I can now play guitar! Although I guess the term "play guitar" may be subjective. I love playing my guitars but my drumming itch never goes away. So I decided a nice, quite, small little kit would be just the thing for my music room. And I was right!
I am really enjoying my retirement journey back into music. With the technology available today I can play with any band I wish. I have no expectations of playing in a band. No desire to be a working musician. Not even expecting to play in public. I have a much different view of my drumming now than I did when I was 18 years old and was sure our garage band (combo) was going to be the next Beatles!!

Re: New To Electric Drums
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Yeah I hear ya. Year 39 for me, playing gigs for $$$ - New Year will be my 40th anniversary. It hasn't been a joy ride, but I love it and would never trade the years. I still own my acoustic kit but haven't even played it since I got my new Alesis. Well... there's that learning curve - and I'm still gigging.

About two years ago I bought my DM10X Mesh kit. Still rockin' it hard with no problems! Happy!

Good to hear you're back into it! Welcome and Cheers!
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