Author Topic: A 2 E Project finally on the way.  (Read 576 times)

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A 2 E Project finally on the way.
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:56:19 AM »
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Re: A 2 E Project finally on the way.
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Lol dude I can barely read that.

Well, I'm putting a bullshit kit together with choke cymbals and dualzone ride for about $500 with a used DM10 module and a tupperware thing full of piezos. I can tell you eBay is your friend. I even got extra boom arms for the rack I welded together. You'l have to wait but finding used stuff online is golden.

I don't know about kickdrum trigger. I've done studio stuff only with acoustic sets and the sound engineer triggered the kicks one time I don't even remember what it was but it was kinda shitty and attached weird but worked fine. You can probably just glue and tape a piezo (I use 2 wired in series) to the back of the kick drum head for stupid cheap.