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DIY Mulitpad (MTMMMES 2)
« on: November 13, 2017, 03:59:42 AM »
Most of you would have seen my post below where i built 2 x 6 pad multipad things for my Sample Rack.

Here is a link to that thread.

in that one I used thick rubber anti vibration pads that would use in house foundations.

These worked well enough but I knew they could be better. The way I did it above the pads did not trigger that well on the edges. Not good enough given they are only 100mm by 100mm. (3.9 inch)

Here is a shot of the finished pad now.

Not a pretty as before and still a work in progress but this system is a big improvement to the first system.

By the way, MTMMMES stands for "'Mega-Twin' Modular Multipad Musical Expression System.". I joke name I came up with during a personal message with member rhysT.

First I took off the thick rubber pads and carefully cut out 100  x 100mm squares in the top layer of foam.

Next I cut (yet more sheet metal) to 100 x 100 and on one side glued 4 foam feet the same height as the foam in the unit.

Now sitting in the void the metal is pretty much flush with the top of the cutout foam.

In the mean time my sister in law gave me an old wet suit. It was made of 3mm neoprene.  I cut out 6 x 100mm squares of it and fit all the new metal plates.  Here is a shot with 2 of them installed.

and 1 to go.

Next I cut a sheet of neoprene as wide, but longer than the MTMMMES and attached it at one side using the same bolt holes as before and a strip of the same drum wrap as on my pads.

Then I stretched the sheet over and used gaffa tape as I marked it.

As you can see when I removed the tape just how much I tried to stretch the neoprene over.

And that is it, for now. Despite the ugly and difficult to cut sheet of neoprene on top, the 6 pads on this MTMMMES are way better than before. They trigger fine all over with no hotspots and no dead spots near the edges. Also no crosstalk between pads.

There is 6mm (0.2 of an inch) of neoprene above each pad. There is not much stick bounce at all but that does not bother me as I play with my wrists (Like Thomas Lang but no where near as good)  :o

11:38 in this video..

But I digress.. Once I had the neoprene on I found that the neoprene was flapping about on middle 2 pads. I added to rubber bands as you can see in the shot. They would not look so bad if they were black. Anyway they do a good job.

I have the other MTMMMES to do and I'll try to do it better.