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Leaving Alesis, Props to Thomann
« on: August 24, 2023, 05:17:31 AM »

So after exactly 3 years of my Alesis Strike Pro SE purchase I'm leaving the brand.

In this 3 years of usage I had too many problems. My drum set was usually missing some part because it was in service. I had to replace (under warranty) kick drum, most cymbals and module. The last module change made Thomann change its mind.

This is actually the reason why I'm sharing this, to give props to Thomann. After the last module switch the drums started "playing" on its own. It started triggering as soon I turned the module on and wouldn't stop.

When I purchased them I didn't choose extended warranty just the regular Thomann warranty. Here is the part where everything turned from bad to good.

Look at the reply I got from Thomann:

I am contacting you about your  Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition.

Firstly, please let me join my colleague in apologising for the ongoing issues you've had with this drum set. As you know, we've been continuously in touch with our Alesis service partner here in Germany to monitor the situation and find the best possible solution for you.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation throughout this process, and would like to offer you two options now:

We can either send you a free replacement for the drum set. This means you get the exact same drum set, but a brand new version.

Atlernatively, we can also offer you a store credit to the value of the drum set - 2.369,76 ?. (please note this reflects the value of the set within the 'Thomann creative bundle' you initially purchased in August 2020).

You could then use this store credit to purchase a different drum set of your choice, or indeed any other item from our range.

Please let me know what option you would prefer. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Unbelievable isn't it?

I picked the store credit and choose EfNote 3x as my new set.

Soon after I got my Strike drums I also purchased the Strike Multipad and guess what? I had to send it to service twice only for it to be replaced with a new one.

I just hope my new set will come with a lot less problems.

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Re: Leaving Alesis, Props to Thomann
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I left Alesis for a while now. Got me a 2Box Drummit5 half the price and then I got a Megadrum for my home studio and I rock it with SD3.

I feel you. Alesis is a brand with a LOT of potential that cut too many corners. I had quality issues of my own (tom1 never played well on my kit) and the pads broke down with time and usage.

Eventually I built my kit from the ground up, repurposing my old Pearl Export Series, and now I have a beast of a drumkit with all the bells and whistles I aimed for.

EfNote are cool kits, but their cymbal pads are highly proprietary, meaning that other brands tend to not play well with Efnote modules. But they do sound solid af. 
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