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Manufacturer Part Number: DTX10K-MRWSet

Experience a top-of-the-line electronic drum set with the DTX10 Mesh kit from Yamaha. The large shells give this kit the aesthetic and authority of an acoustic kit, with the customization and convenience of a premium electronic design. With Yamaha's new high-spec DTX PROX drum module, an upgrade from their previous DTX PRO module, you'll experience kit customization like never before. The mesh drum heads provide very little sound sound for your snare and three varying-in-size mounted toms, making quiet practicing an easy affair. The cymbals, like the toms, are multi-zoned to allow for flexible accenting with every strike, and also offer three sizes for fantastic range. Quality hi-hat and snare stands, as well as cymbal arms and a hyper-responsive and enlarged kick drum pad are all included with the Yamaha DTX10 Mesh. Take your electronic drumming experience to new heights!

Mesh, dual zone drum pads
The DTX10 Mesh includes a nice array of 2-ply mesh padded toms, allowing for a quieter practice volume with a less-harsh playing feel. The snare is a dual zone 12-inch XP125-SD-M pad, providing not only impressive depth on the head, but rim triggers as well for ultra-realistic playability. Two XP105T-M mounted toms measure 10-inches in diameter each, and a 12-inch XP125T-M tom provides even more depth, all with a familiar feel that emulates full kit rolls and fills. On the floor, a massive 12-inch kick drum pad (pedal not included) offers a hearty backbeat to compliment the rest of your kit.

Expressive 3-zone cymbal design
When it comes to cymbals, the DTX10 Mesh delivers a real-world electronic design that swings just like a bronze cymbal. You'll be equipped with a 13-inch RHH135 hi-hat controller, a PCY135 13-inch crash, a PCY155 15-inch crash, and a new PCY175 17-inch ride cymbal with 3-zone design, offering bell, edge, and outer rim tones to achieve the most realistic cymbal sound with organic stick-response.

Impressive adjustability and premium hardware
Your kit will come loaded with a ton of hardware that will not only help get you playing as soon as possible, but will allow adjustability to your individual comfort level. New to the DTX series, the DTX10 Mesh features a separate, adjustable, and lightweight snare stand for a more life-like layout for your kit. The medium-weight 700 Series hi-hat stand is chain-linked with rotating legs for all of the response and placement options of an acoustic stand. Three medium boom cymbal arms each feature a two-stage height adjuster and 12-inch hideaway boom with dual tilters so that your cymbals sit just right. Also provided are three tom arm ball mounts and clamps to make setup more efficient. And it's all centered on the new HexRack II drum rack system that's designed to last and absorb every percussive motion just like an acoustic kit.
Tech Specs
Total Number of Pads: 5 x drum pads, 4 x cymbal pads
(1) 12" XP125-SD-M Mesh Snare
(2) 10" XP105T-M Mesh Toms
(1) 12" XP125T-M Mesh Tom
(1) 12" KP128 Kick
(1) 13" RHH135 Hi-hat
(1) 13" PCY135 Crash
(1) 15" PCY155 Crash
(1) 17" PCY175 Ride
(1) Premium Drum Module: DTX-PROX
(1) RS10-HXR Drum Rack
(1) SS662 Snare Stand
(1) HS740A Hi-hat Stand
(3) CH755 Boom Cymbal Arms
(3) CL940MB Tom Arm Ball Mounts



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Well well well...

This is an interesting move from Yamaha indeed!

Also, Remo ditched Roland to make mesh heads to Yamaha. Ironic, taking into consideration that they held the patent for some years now, and Yamaha was their main competitor.

Glad to see Yamaha actually back in the game.
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I'm impressed!

Mesh or silicone...nice.
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