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Upgrade Question
« on: March 28, 2021, 09:58:37 AM »
OK... I picked up a Nitro Mesh kit on January 20th.  I had never drummed before... ever,  and of course I wanted to "test the waters".  I figured the Nitro Mesh kit was a good choice for that.

Here I am a mere 70 days or so later and I am absolutely HOOKED.  So much so that I have already expanded the Nitro with a larger snare,  giving me another tom by moving the 8" snare over... I've already added another ride ... moving the old ride to crash 2.  I've added a couple of custom cowbell triggers and tonight I will be implementing my idea for a custom "ride bell".

I'm already considering upgrading as I want the ability to add my own samples. 

I'm thinking a Crimson II kit would be a worthy upgrade from this current kit.  I do like the SE version with the white heads... I also like the fact that I can add a double bass pedal easily... and it appears I can add my own samples to that kit.

Is the Crimson II a worthy upgrade from the Nitro or should I save my money for a while and go right to the strike in another year or so?

Re: Upgrade Question
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Trouble replying - sorry if double-post.
Well, new poster here, but ....
I bought a Surge kit and upgraded to the Command module, which I
understand is very similar (maybe the same?) as the Crimson 2.  The on-board
sounds were significantly better then the Surge (which I believe are like the Nitro) and the ability to import
samples is why I decided to upgrade.  I would do so again in a heartbeat.

I just looked at the Crimson 2 SE - the aesthetics and specs (toms, cymbals, etc.) are very impressive, to say the least.

Good luck.