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Looking to replace my Strike ride
« on: February 24, 2023, 02:35:17 PM »
I think my Alesis Strike ride is wearing out. I use my ride a lot and it's just starting to not respond as well, etc.

Looking around at what's for sale, I see a few options, and wanted to see what others think of replacement rides.

I like the larger size rides (16" at least) and have seen the following available in various places:

GoEdrum - 18" 3-zone ride - (Looks like it's made with a Zildjian L-80?)
Alesis - 16" 3-zone
Yamaha PCY155 - (15", but I would live lol)
Yamaha PCY175 17" 3-Zone

Just looking for anyone's experience with any of these, or other replacement options that work with the Strike Pro module.

I have no problem sticking with an Alesis 16" like I have now. I like it and always have. But, if there are "better" options out there, doesn't hurt to check them out.
I'm not as concerned with price as much as playability, sound, quality and feel. (Although, I'm not into spending $500 for a ride either, if I can help it. LOL)

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