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Alesis dm 10 kick drum isn't sounding


Mike T:
Hello Everyone,
I have an Alesis DM10 kit, quite elderly now.  It works well but the kick drum has stopped sounding, although it registers that it's triggering on the console.  Any help would be gratefully received.  Thank you very much,
Mike T.

Hi Michael, it could be the wire to the piezo is coming loose (although then usually it's intermittent, but that trigger takes the most beating -- hmm, pun intended!). Another thing to try is to swap the cable with say the snare's cable, and see if you get snare sound when you kick, or kick sound when you hit the snare.. should help narrow down the possibilities of where the issue is.. at least you'd know if it's the piezo in the kick drum or not. Then perhaps check the module's settings for Triggers, make sure it's high enough on the kick trigger input setting and then go to Instrument settings and on whatever kit you're using, check the input volume of the kick instrument settings. Hopefully that's a start..

Mike T:
Thank you very much, Alan.  That is very helpful indeed.  I'll check out what you suggest.  Best wishes, Michael

Mike T:
Hello again, Alan and everyone,
I swapped over the cables and that seemed to isolate the problem (the kick sounded through the snare but not vice versa, so at least I know that it's not the kick cable).  I checked the trigger settings, but the kick still doesn't sound.  I'm waiting to hear about a replacement, but in the meantime, I'd just like to ask if any other brand kick drums are compatible with the dm10.
I'm still happily drumming away, even minus the kick (actually I'm finding that just the acoustic sound helps me check my beat and accuracy).
Many thanks, Michael


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