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Pearl MIMIC New Update


Pearl just released new update for Pearl MIMIC PRO

-200 New Sound
-Instrument Editor
-New Firmware

-Instrument Editor
Create your own multisamples\round robin 16/24bit. There is no limit per kit on memory, fast loading kit, you can trigs a mallet kat Xpress on midi and still not loosing using internal triggers cell, you can imports position sensing sound, choke cymbal, and all articulation.

New firmware
Allow to have position sensing on sided sensor triggers 3,4 etc.. (first ever) or option for center triggers, and as well eliminate almost annoying hotspot, this have never been made on any module to date. Compatible with many triggers pad, Roland, ATV, EFNOTE, Drum Tech and similar DIY build.


Update preview

So the "Gold Standard" just went Platinum... 8)

Yeah I am gonna buy one of these badboys soon.

Had my fun with the 2box drumkit that I got a coulpe of years, but the MIMIC is now looking like a great contender for replacement.

I still have my original Alesis DM10 module stored away as well. Might be the time to sell both, and some extra hardware that I have.

Shared one users custom works with the editor for MIMIC, he added all Toontrack SD3 snares from SD3 core library and content include articulations.


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