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STRIKE MODULE Triggering using External Module/TMI/Controller

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The STRIKE Module midi channel/notes seen in "Voices" are sent out...there is no section/menu etc for receiving/setting midi notes for the trigger inputs.

I sent an email to Alesis support asking about midi in capabilities and got the "not publicly available" answer..they also posted the same answer to another in the community forum...

which led me to believe you can..they didn't want to release that information.

Well..I finally had some extra time to experiment and.. .you can use an external module/TMI/controller for triggering

Tested with Alesis TriggerIO/DM Dock..Novation Keyboard

(I have tested different power up sequences..STRIKE>TriggerIO..TriggerIO>STRIKE...No specific order required)

Connect external module/TMI/controller to midi in..Power up and set midi channel to 10 on the external module/TMI/controller...
The module recognizes midi channel 10 for receiving...there is nothing else required to change in the module...just connect the midi cable.
Power up the STRIKE Module.

This works excellent for splitting triggers.No need for Y cables/extensions or trying to remember which cable is which or tip/ring  etc..
Just plug the drums/cymbals you want to add to your kit in the external module/TMI.
Set the Triggers/midi notes in the external module/TMI to match the STRIKE midi map.
You'll be able to add triggers and change your kit configuration anytime.
Trigger settings will need to be done in the External module/TMI.

The following midi map is for the STRIKE module trigger/inputs

28-Crash 3 BOW
38-Snare HEAD
40-Snare RIM
41-Tom 4 HEAD
43-Tom 3 HEAD
47-Tom 2 HEAD
48-Crash 1 BOW
49-Crash 1 EDGE
50-Tom 1 HEAD
51-Ride BOW
53-Ride BELL
55-Crash 3 EDGE
57-Crash 2 EDGE
59-Ride EDGE
60-Crash 2 BOW
73-Tom 4 RIM
75-Tom 3 RIM
80-Tom 2 RIM
82-Tom 1 RIM

STRIKE Module:External module/TMI-Triggers
All the parameter settings in Kit FX,Voices,Instrument changes, Note Chase... everything I have tested works .

[VOICES]Press the Level tab..set the Level to 99..then press the Velocity tab.The Velocity level/volume is opposite.. 99=low...0=MAX... Extremely loud This also works for the triggers when connected to the module.
At 0 it will be loud you won't have as much control/response (lower/slower) over all the velocity (Dynamics) parameters ..filter decay,pitch..increasing the velocity level will increase their response..somewhere between 0-50 seems to be the sweet spot for velocity loudness/volume and parameters..but consider I am also using custom/DIY Cymbals and the older Realheads/reflection plate with the mesh conversion , not the newer triggering .You may possibly notice the modules output click/pop as the trigger signal is now very hot.
Another solution for low volume is to go into and turn on/adjust the master for the compressor -20 to -30 for the threshold and raise the output slowly you'll be able to get a much louder,more responsive kit..this effects the whole makes a world of difference

[TONE]..everything works properly

[INST]...Instruments changes all work...if you did the level/Velocity changes above'll notice a drastic volume drop when changing will need to do the Level/Velocity adjustment for each Instrument when you change.

[FX]..all effects work properly

STRIKE Module:External module/TMI-Hi Hat
v1.3 (Auto Hi Hat)

TriggerIO/STRIKE Hi Hat
Using the TriggerIO for Hi Hat and Pedal input and the Level/Velocity changes as above,after about 1/2-1 hour figuring out how to coordinate the settings in the TriggerIO and the STRIKE Module the STRIKE Hi Hat functions extremely well..Bow..Edge...Bark...Chick..Splash....all work properly.
Definitely an improvement for the Edge zone
I have spent countless hours in the STRIKE module and could never get it dialed in this way..not even close.I can now use the Linear velocity curve. 
It is now extremely sensitive..Bow/Edge zones can now be triggered with your finger tips.. can actually play it.
It wouldn't take much more time to dial it completely..but I am testing functionality.

TriggerIO/STRIKE Hi Hat using RealHat controller
Worked instantly..RealHat pedal is extremely pressure sensitive ,Bow..Edge...Bark...Chick..all work properly.....NO Splash....
probably just settings may respond better in v1.2
more testing needed

The DM Dock doesn't like the STRIKE Hi Hat at all and no way to calibrate the pedal.The response is similar to the STRIKE Module....intermittent hits..problems with the Edge..have to whack it..
It's advantage is more inputs.. 12 TRS vs 10 TRS on the TriggerIO
may respond better in v1.2
more testing needed

So far... triggering the STRIKE Hi Hat by midi with the TriggerIO actually seems better than the STRIKE Module.

DM Dock/VH-12 Hi Hat
Responds but no way to calibrate...more testing

TriggerIO/VH-12 Hi Hat
The trigger IO calibrated and it seems to work well so far...need to spend some time with the STRIKE module with the VH-12 controller to see if it needs an inline or variable resistor to work properly.

Well done Chaser with your thorough investigating and info sharing (as usual).

Alesis should take notice of the interaction between Slate developer (Mr Boo) and experienced drummers on the Vdrums forum to continually improve the innovative Mimic Pro ...... just kidding, their "not publicly available" attitude ain't likely to change anytime soon!  8)

Hi.  I just got an edrumin and am hoping for better HH control than what the strike gives natively.  Has anybody had any luck with this combo (edrumin/strike)?  Could anyone offer any help?

I've tried using the strike controller, which the edrumin seems to really not like, and also the Roland VH11 controller.  I can get the edrumin set up with the pedal, but I can't figure out how to get the proper midi messages to the strike (everything is full open).


I use an edrumin with the Strike Pro, works great.

That is great to hear!  Can you share your midi settings for the hihat please?  Do you need to change anything in the module?  Do you use the strike controller?


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