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I have just bought a DM10 Studio kit.  Due to having a young family and no "west wing" on my house to allow me to play in solitude, I can't really play my kit much right now, especially at night (which is basically the only opportunity I have anyway!).  So right now I am reduced to practice pad work in the kitchen and that's about it!

Hopefully a mesh head conversion will help a lot on the noise levels (especially the kick!) but does anyone have a view on the relative noise levels between the standard 682Drums cone style conversion and the option as detailed by Trondster and Hellfire where you basically pack out the pad with foam again?  Is there any difference?

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Re: Noise levels of cone conversion vs Hellfire/Trondster conversion?
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Hey - the conversion isn't mine - I just followed Hellfire's steps and detailed the instructions. :)

I doubt there would be much of a difference in noise levels - the main force of the blow is absorbed by the mesh in both scenarios - the difference is whether there is a small or large piece of foam to transfer the rest of the blow to the vibration plate and piezo element.

You could try both - if you don't cut the hole in the white foam you can easily switch between the two. If you desolder the wires or stretch the black foam over the resonator plate, you won't damage the black foam either (it should be glued back again if you cut it as per 682drums' instructions).
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