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New to Alesis and eDrums
« on: July 18, 2021, 07:31:12 PM »

53 year old dude here. Started playing drums when I was 12 but stopped playing in my twenties as life got busy.

I started back up at 50 and have been playing an acoustic Ludwig kit for the past two years.

Due to neighbor complaints, I practice in a sound deadened dark spare room in the back of my house and only during daylight hours.

I don‘t record. I don‘t play in a band.

With my Ludwigs, I wear Vic Firth sound protection headphones or Shure in ear  phones, both of which makes it sound like I am playing with cotton stuffed in my ears because I don‘t have the drums setup to pass sound via an amp or anything.

I decided to buy an electronic kit because

1. I want to practice in my open loft area because it is bright and spacious. With volume control, my neighbors won‘t have anything to complain about.
2. I’d like to hear the full spectrum of sounds I am playing through my speakers or headsets vs the muffled tones I get now.
3. It looks like it will be a blast to play different “kits” at the push of a button. I’m looking forward to having kits with cowbells, wood blocks, lots of cymbal sounds, etc. I can‘t wait to setup a “Genesis” sound alike kit.

I may sell the acoustic kit or may keep it. I’ll determine that after I’ve played the edrums for a while.

My new kit is the Alexis Surge Mesh with an added 4th tom and cymbal.
It arrives from Sweetwater this week. I’m stoked to get it setup.

I also just started transitioning to Open hand playing and moving from traditional grip to matched grip. It’s a challenge to go backwards on the rudiments to develop my left hand skills but I think it will expand my capabilities to play on the set.

Currently I am working through Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials, Stone’s Stick Control, McGorry’s Linear drumming and Garibaldi’s future sounds.

I practice an hour a day when possible.

I’ll probably post a few questions once I get my Surge kit setup.

Re: New to Alesis and eDrums
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i personally prefer edrums for everything. i justify a surge too. and it’s awesome. as someone that has only ever played td30 vdrums, the surge is amazing!
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