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I use a Strike Pro Module with my A2E set which works perfectly.  However, its a different experience with MIDI triggering.  I am set up to my PC (Studio 1 running AD2) through a standard Multi Pin MIDI cable running though my DI (Presonus Quantum).  I experience 2 issues despite generally accurate mapping between the Strike Pro and AD2:

1)  Hi Hat Voids snare signal when my foot is closed at the same time I hit the Snare--such as a standard 2/4 beat. It doesn't happen all the time, but annoying when it does.  I have the cross talk send/receive turned up on both.

2) Velocity setting for most "standard" hits show up as 100% on the Midi velocity diagram in the DAW.  I am getting a broader range if I record from the Strike Pro directly.  Under "utility" menu, I have turned the trigger sensitivity to "low" plus, lowered them on the individual instrument settings as much as I dare.  I DO get a dynamic range with softer hits, but not as much as I'd expect, or experience in a direct recording.  I am a hard hitter, but not THAT hard!

I see this more as a Strike MIDI issue than an AD2 issue since the velocity setting would happen regardless of DRUM VST.

Any ideas?

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Re: Strike Pro Hi Hat and Velocity questions with Addictive Drums 2
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I also use AD2 with my Strike Kit (with a VH-10 hi hat & using Reaper as my DAW). I also experienced limited velocity ranges and occasional trigger cancelling. Ironed out the kinks thusly:

- to start, I built my mapping in AD2 from the ground up (since AD2 has no preset Strike map). Start with a clean slate and build it piece by piece. Seems to work out better then adapting a preset.
- I never use my Strike for live performance, it’s a studio kit only. So after kinda struggling with making the settings all perfect in both the Module and in AD2, I decided to reset the Strike Module to factory settings, manual sensitivity for all triggers set to medium, and set my velocity curves to match my playing in AD2. Worked like a charm. Suddenly the hihat was less Human League, more Stewart Copeland.
- trigger cancellation is either because of Xtalk / Mute Group settings on the Strike Module, or due to some kind of MIDI voodoo originating in your DAW. I was recording parts that would sound fine while I was playing them (because I was monitoring the incoming signal) but would then have notes missing when I played the take back. Dug around and found a setting hidden away in Reaper’s MIDI editor that said “Automatically correct overlapping notes”, which, of course, was taking every second note of my 16ths and erasing it. Unchecked this setting... problem solved. You may have something like that going on.

Re: Strike Pro Hi Hat and Velocity questions with Addictive Drums 2
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Can you be more specific as to how you addressed velocity in the module itself?  Note, hen NOT using MIDI and Recording direct to the DAW everything is perfect. It's only when I add AD2 in the middle do things get weird. I seemed to haves worked out the hiHat and machine-Gunning (somewhat) but the fact that even my ghost notes come out at Max Velocity (sometime) I have the biggest problem with--mostly a snare issue.  On the Module, the snare curve is not linear--rather it's scooped to the first log setting (concave).   Is that the setting you are referring to?