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IK Multimedia MIXBOX for iPad
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The IK Multimedia MixBox iPad has been released..Intro price of $39.95 for a short time..
MixBox for iPad is a standalone iOS application and an Audio Units v3 plugin and for Mac owners note new products with the M1 chip can run both macOS and iOS apps.

IK Multimedia is widely associated for Guitar/Keys but I  needed to point out the new MixBox (based off the Rackmount 500 series)
has a Live Drum mixing section for individual kit pieces with 58 drum presets.8 modules/strips max per rack and 8 racks per instance


I use Kymatica AUM as I mostly use Multitracks/Stems/Impulse Response rooms and you can create sessions with as many channels as you need.
Here is how the MIXBOX looks on a channel

STRIKE users take notice as the 8 outputs on the module are dry so using a 8 channel interface or USB mixer to an iPad.

*Direct  Audio  Outs  (1/4”/6.35  mm,  TRS  or  TS):Connect these mono  outputs to your external mixer, audio interface, etc.
The independent audio signals of these triggers will be sent out of these outputs: kick, snare, hi-hat, ride,the left and right channels for all toms, and the left and right channels for the crash cymbals.
The signal sent from these outputs is fixed and without any effects applied.

Here is a link of a few of the modules/strips I took screen shots off of my iPad for examples of console emulations , channel strips to zoom
I have a few multiple channel USB interfaces laying around including a MOTU Traveler to experiment with.I don't have a USB mixer tho...It should be interesting...Unfortunately the manual is only available offline to product owners and is too large to attach

iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, or iPad Pro supporting iOS 12 or later.
Supported Plug-in formats: Audio Units v3.

Key Features

    Create your own custom channel strips
    70 FX from T-RackS, AmpliTube & SampleTank
    Dynamics, EQs, Filters, Modulation, Channel Strips, Saturation, Reverbs, Delays, Distortion and Amps
    4 all-new algorithms for hall, room, plate and inverse reverbs
    Chain up to 8 processors in a single instance
    Lightning-fast workflow with all controls at your fingertips

    Save and recall entire chains, instantly
    Over 600 presets for every situation, including single processor and whole-chain presets
    Stand-alone hosts up to 8 full racks for live mixing
    Audio Player Module allows you to import audio files or play back audio demos
    Audio Units Plug-in support: compatible with GarageBand, Cubasis, Auria, AUM Mixer and more

MixBox for iPad - Limitless sonic options for your iPad

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