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SmartWAV 2 + MIDI Adapter
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SmartWAV 2 + MIDI Adapter

SmartWAV 2 + MIDI Adapter is a full functional MIDI receiver player/trigger system, by loading ".wav" files into the microSD card, the board is ready to plug and play to trigger any voice, instrument or song track audio file.

SmartWAV 2 + MIDI Adapter is designed as a professional audio product that provides all the required electronics and connections to use the SmartWAV 2 polyphonic audio processor in MIDI mode, this fusion is aimed for users without knowledge in wiring electronic connections (musicians, producers, enthusiasts, non-electronic engineers, etc.), this system even includes the clear acrylic case for easy handling!
Like other musical commercial products, the system only requires a single 1/4" TRS plug or 1/4" TS Mono plugs for stereo outputs, a 5 pin DIN-MIDI cable for data input and an AC/DC power supply adapter, compatible from 5V to 12V(any polarity), no other special wiring is required to run.

SmartWAV2  supports 4 velocity  layers


MIDI commands are basically divided in 8 main commands:
-Note OFF.
-Note ON.
-Polyphonic Key Pressure (Aftertouch).
-Control Change.
-Program Change.
-Channel Pressure.
-Pitch Bend Change.
-System Common Messages.

SmartWAV 2 + MIDI Adapter Features:
- Universal Compatibility With Any MIDI System.
- MicroSD Card Support up to 32Gb(thousands of ".WAV"tracks).
- 1/4" TS Stereo Outputs or Single TRS Stereo(Line Level).
- 5 Pin DIN Standard MIDI Cable Input.
- Rotary Potentiometer For Precise Volume Control.
- Barrel Jack DC In 5V to 9V, Any Polarity.
*The acrylic case is included.

*The SmartWAV 2 processor is direcly soldered into the MIDI adapter.

*Does not includes microSD card.

*Does not includes AC/DC adaper, 1/4" TS or MIDI cables.

SmartWAV 2 + MIDI Data Sheet

SmartWAV 2 + MIDI adapter - how to upgrade any drum module!

Launch price -50% OFF
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