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HELP - Round 2- Windows/Abelton not recognizing DM10x
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My computer is not recognizing my dm10x module. It was working fine and showing the dm10 in my ableton live devices list, and then out of nowhere stopped a few days later. (connected via midi to usb to windows 10).

As you'll see in my post linked below, I had a bunch of instances in my device manager listed as hidden but none would work. I uninstalled all of those devices and tried again. No luck.

Link to past post:

I then thought, who knows maybe something failed with the midi to usb port on the module, so I bought a Midi In/Out to USB cable. My computer recognizes the Midi In/out to usb device, but the module still isn't transferring any midi signals through to my daw (don't know if it is sending anything at all since that's all i have to see if it's sending), but at least the midi in/out-usb shows up in ableton.

Also, I did a full factory reset. No luck.

Any insight? help!? is there some setting to made sure the module is sending out midi signals? There is no way both the midi in/out ports and the midi to usb out ports all stopped working at the exact same time. It has taken no damage and has not moved from its spot.

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Re: HELP - Round 2- Windows/Abelton not recognizing DM10x
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I would check that the MIDI channel in the module matches Ableton,CH 10 is the standard for drums.
Also check and see that Local Control is set to OFF.
If there is still no MIDI communication download and install MIDIOX
This will allow you to see if MIDI is being sent by the module to the computer.

After checking around there is also an issue with Ableton 10.1 and Alesis drum kits.
It has to do with note on/off events being too close together.
There is a workaround ,but supposedly the Live Beta program is aware of it and an update is coming

"We have found that as of Live 10.1, any MIDI Note On > Off duration below approximately 100ms might not be captured. The Alesis Nitro mesh and some other devices seem to produce such notes and thus are prone to this.
We're looking into this."

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Update :
Live Beta 10.1.2 was just released..issue supposedly is fixed
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