Author Topic: Alesis Nitro Mesh kit module dm7x Need help installing my own sounds ?  (Read 2634 times)

This is my first time posting on this site. My intent is not to have something for free or to cringe on alesis or anyone on this site. I have played the nitro kit 2 years ago and was very impressed of how accurate they was with ghost beats and very fast metal beats. I just think the tom and cymbals sound options could be alot better. Trying to figure out a solution. I'm not new to the triggers. I had a alesis dm5 rack mount module around the year 2000. In 2014, I purchased a 4-pad Alesis drum machine. With this I was able to create my own sounds and add them to whatever drum I wanted. Has anyone started to develop any kind of software or other options to do this for the DM7X Module ?  I've searched the internet and have come up empty. If anyone can help or need help trying to figure this out I would really appreciate it. I'm pretty sure alesis wants control of this and it will take us to figure this out, more like jail breaking your phone. I have hooked up module to windows 10 pc and windows 10 said new device found and seemed to have no problems with windows recognizing it. But no drivers or patches was installed. I don't want to use ez drummer or something like that. Thanks for reading this. Happy Drumming my fellow Drum Warriors!!!!
Here is a link to my youtube page with  rough draft recording of the alesis nitro mesh kit.