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Welcome to
Advanced Drum Module Techniques

Many Alesis drum modules are capable of a lot of different things and in reality many of those things are not documented well or actually known. Many of these ideas are born out of trying to get as much realism out of our Alesis drum modules as possible. It has been a journey that stated back in 2009 with the Alesis DM10. Just about the same time as the founding of this forum site and the journey is always on going.

Please keep in mind that this section is really meant for those users who know their module fairly well. Meaning you know how to set your sensitivity, Xtalk, effects, and can/have made custom kit programs. You must also have a basic understanding of how MIDI works (at least in the context of drum modules). This is NOT the place to post questions about setting up your kit for the first time. If you can not do that, then most of this stuff is beyond your current understanding of your module. For this reason, this section of the community will be heavily watched/moderated.

I sincerely hope that the information contained in this section moves the Alesis drummer community to a new and exciting level of creativity.
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