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Here are some links to the manuals for the D4, DM5, DMpro, Trigger I/O, DM6, and DM10:

- D4 Released Date 1991 - Original Price $399.00 (Discontinued)
D4 Reference Manual
D4 Trigger Set-Up Guide
D4 Supplementary Guide
D4 Factory Drumset Reference Chart
D4 Service Manual
D4Man - editor/librarian software

- DM5 Released Date 1995 - Original Price $349.00 (Discontinued)
DM5 Reference Manual
DM5 QuickStart Guide
DM5 Sound Chart
DM5 Sysex/MIDI Implementation Guide
DM5 Service Manual
Updated Kit Presets for the DM5 Pro Kit
DM5edit - software (trial version)

- DMPro Released Date 1998 - Original Price $799.00 (Discontinued)
DMpro Reference Manual
DMpro Manual Addendum 1.03
DMpro User Guide
DMpro Setup Guide (kit)
DMpro Sound Chart
DMpro Midi Sysex Specification
DMpro Loading samples Tutorial (off site web forum)

- Trigger I/O Released Date 2008 - Original Price $159.00
Trigger|iO - Reference Manual
Trigger|iO - QuickStart
Trigger|iO - Information About Trigger Types
Trigger|iO - SysEx drum kit preset update
Trigger|iO - Configuration Tool - software

- DM6 Released Date 2009 - Original Price $199.00
DM6 Kit Product Overview
DM6 Reference Manual
DM6 Kit Assembly Guide
DM6 Kit Firmware Update (v05)
DM6 DB-25 Cable Pin-Out

- DM10 Released Date 2009 - Original Price $699.95
DM10 Studio Kit QuickStart Guide 2011 (RevF)
DM10 Pro Kit Assembly Guide (RevC)
DM10 Module QuickStart Guide (RevB)
DM10 Operator's Manual (RevC)
DM10 Sound ROM Update (v1.03) with App Update (v1.00p) (large file, may take time to download)
DM10 Input Options
DM10 Trigger Type Compatibility
DM10 Published NRPN
DM10 Midi Note Map (contributed by zendrumdude)
DMEditor - software (no longer distributed or supported)

- DM7 Released Date 2010 - Price $599.00 (whole kit) (Discontinued)
DM7 Kit Product Overview
DM7 Module Overview
DM7 Kit Assembly Guide
DM7/LA Drums HD-008 Manual (must be logged in to see attached files)

- DM8 Released Date 2011 - Original Price $799.00 (Pro kit)
DM8 Pro Kit Product Overview
DM8 Drum Module - QuickStart Guide (revA)
DM8 Drum Module - Operator's Manual (revA)
DM8 Pro Kit - Assembly Guide (revC)
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