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Re: TriggerIO Configuration Tool
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Great program.

Thx Dan.
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Re: TriggerIO Configuration Tool
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Hi Dan, thanx for this tool! I'd like to use it, but it crashes when I change trigger settings, eg when I change the name of the input triggers). I got a nullpointerexception when changing the name INPUT2T (or something) to 'Snare head'. Is there a solution?


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Re: TriggerIO Configuration Tool
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looking forward to test this!
i've upgraded my dm10 mesh kit with extra pads and cymbals and i haven't really managed to redirect accordingly with the io trigger.
however, and from reading somewhere here on the forum, i think that, if you could managed to create software for dm10, and then from there, via midi to io trigger, you can scroll down to all midi pads and configure them all, through dm10.
i'm using mac. theres the dmeditor, but i cannot open it on mac..
thanks anyway for some progress in this matter, as no one has dared to.
much appreciated!
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Re: TriggerIO Configuration Tool
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Hi all,

Sorry to zombie this thread, the original download site is no longer active. Any chance someone has this tool still and would be willing to send/share with me?

Many thanks...

Re: TriggerIO Configuration Tool
« Reply #29 on: September 10, 2022, 06:24:10 PM »
Hi, I just had the opportunity to have an Alesis Trigger now, do you have the program saved somewhere else?

Hi all,

Some time ago I decided to build a very simple application to configure the Alesis TriggerIO.
If anyone is interested, I have made it freely available.