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DM10 Cymbal Woes
« on: February 02, 2023, 09:22:32 AM »
I have a couple of DM10X kits and the cymbals are far from optimal.

1 - I find that to trigger the edge you can't actually play the edge. You have to play the very narrow choke strip. Playing the actual edge triggers the bow piezo - the edge/choke switch strip not closing being the problem there. And of course, when the edge does trigger there's no velocity sensing. I know there has been some threads on here about the edge triggering. AFAIC the edge triggering simply doesn't work when you have to pinpoint that narrow and unresponsive switch strip.

2 - The choke function is practically useless. To pinch that narrow strip hard and precise enough is not something I can do in the heat of playing.

I'd like a hi-hat pad that can detect bow and edge properly, with velocity sensing on the edge, and I'd like cashes and rides that can do the same as well as being easily choked.

Therefore I wonder if there are any mods to make any of this better, or probably more realistically, finding alternatives. I'm using a Strike module, and also have a DM10.

I'm aware of Hellfire's mod for edge velocity sensing here, which is nice, but doesn't solve the issue of the edge trigger as such.

Will a Roland CY-8, or something like it, be a better hi hat pad for edge triggering?

Will a Strike Pro SE cymbal give proper edge triggering and a lighter touch for the choke?

Are e.g. Lemon better in these respects? Maybe the Zetigeist (also Lemon?) metal ones from Drum-tec? Then there's Laurin. Others?

Edit: Also Diamond, Jobeky and Field, all made of metal. Field is a bit expensive but apparently has "Touch Choke" which sounds interesting. I suppose the metal ones will have proper edge triggers(?)
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Re: DM10 Cymbal Woes
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From what I understand, Strike pads are an improvement over those delivered with the DM10.

It's tough - I know. Without being able to sit down and test them.

I'm taking a leap of faith and trying Laurin.

I've read in a post, not long ago, that Roland's CY-5 choked nicely. I have some CY-8s, but I got them with an inherited kit. My DM10 cymbals seem to perform better for me - but I admit that I didn't try dialing them in, in the DM10's trigger settings, which can make a world of difference.

Wanting very specific, professional feeling and sounding performance, however, I fear you may want to look more at the higher (highest) end of cymbal trigger - those of Roland, for example. And not the CY-8, but the really good ones. I can't just yet. Too Much $$$ for this starving artist! ;)
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Re: DM10 Cymbal Woes
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Thank you for sharing your experience, Dartanbeck!

Yes, it's hard to know what to do when you can't test all these things. It has also been difficult to try and get hard info on all this - I guess others are a bit in the dark too. Sadly, Alesis support is 100% useless, all they do is send a pointer to their "Knowledge base" which has exactly zero info on Alesis products.

As you can see over here, I've just discovered that there's no way of having velocity sensitive edge triggers, even with piezo/piezo pads, so I will make no further investments in Alesis gear - saving up for Roland instead in the hope of much better playability.