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Alesis DM 10 pedal with Strike Pro SE Kit and Module
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Hey all,

First timer here, apologies in advance for any etiquette breach.

I saw Allen Lind?s YouTube video with his trigger settings and found that they made a world of difference for me. I wanted to try using a DM 10 hi hat pedal as he suggested that he was able to get a better experience than with that original hi hat controller. For me this was intriguing as I was getting crosstalk on my other cymbals as I have a leg less stand attached to a Gibraltar Stealth rack.

Would anyone using a DM 10 pedal with the strike pro se share their settings or tips? I have been unable to get this pedal working consistently. I started using Alan?s suggested trigger settings but it never has worked.

DM10 Hi hat video

Trigger Settings Video

Thanks in advance!


Re: Alesis DM 10 pedal with Strike Pro SE Kit and Module
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Greetings!  I have been using Allen's settings and they work great for me.  I do not like to use a normal hi-hat on an e-kit.  Defeats the purpose to me.  I mount my hat in front of my two high toms just above the rim on a short cymbal stand to the rack.  This makes it very ambidextrous and more useful to me. This also allows more room on the left where the hat would normally go.  I put my Strike multi-pad there and it works out great.   I have, and still have, the DM's from days past.  I have the 10X, the Pro with metal cymbals, etc.  One mod I did to the DM hat pedal that immensely made a huge difference was to put a bumper down on the trigger.  I used a square furniture type bumper with the sticky back (get em at any hardware store).  This makes a spacer between the pedal board and trigger making it way more sensitive once you work out the sensitivity in the settings.   I've never had issues with that pedal since, even on the DM10.  There's the added bonus of being able to put the pedal wherever you want by not being hindered by hi-hat stand.  What is the point of making a hat go up and down on an e-kit??  I laugh at that one all the time.  It does nothing other than make it LOOK like an acoustic hat.  I like flexibility and this trick gives you just that. 
  Back to the question of Allen's settings.  I do believe I tweaked off of his settings a little bit but not much and I don't recall which ones I changed.  But even with his setting, it did work quite well for me.  Hope this helps!
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Re: Alesis DM 10 pedal with Strike Pro SE Kit and Module
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I have RealHat Pedal + Strike problems over here:

The issue is that I do not get a range from open to closed - it all happens at the last 0.5mm or so of the pedal travel. This means I even have to put a bit of pressure on the pedal to keep the hat closed. With the DM10 module I get 5mm of travel to control open to closed, and don't need to stand on the pedal to keep the hat closed - it's very playable on the DM10.

It looks like the offset parameter is not doing anything on my strike, so I suspect there is something wrong with the hh control input. I'm trying to work with Alesis support to find out what's going on, but they're not very responsive.

Therefore I wonder is anybody could confirm how much of the RealHat pedal travel is available to control the closing of the hat on the Strike, and at what settings of the pedal trigger parameters.  I measure the travel distance at the end of the pedal.
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